An important element in the thermal resort is the big semicircular fountain called “Le Sette Cannelle” (The Seven Waterspouts), from where thermal spring waters gush directly from the source. You can enjoy tasting the well-known thermal mineral, sulphurous bicarbonate calcium waters and use them for beneficial drinking water therapies (this type of water is suitable in particular for constipation pathologies and for irritable colon).


General information on “drinking water therapy”

Drinking water treatments consist of drinking thermal waters in a methodical and systematic way for a certain period of time. They help to re-establish the natural functions of our body and to treat many pathologies. They are suitable in particular for:

Liver treatments: our thermal waters have purifying effects for the liver;
Kidney treatments: the result of drinking water therapies for the treatment of kidney stone pathologies have been interesting and remarkable;
Intestine and stomach treatments: among the pathologies healed with thermal drinking water, the excellent result in the treatment of the symptoms of gastritis has been evident.

The main function of drinking water therapy results in a remarkable increase in the speed with which our body purifies itself eliminating toxic and other “waste” substances. The detoxification process of our organism – which must be combined with an adequate food, physical, and environmental “hygiene” – occurs through the activity of four important organs – intestine, kidneys, skin and lungs -, which eliminate the waste from our body. Thermal waters act on all these organs simultaneously, making more efficient and speedy the process of eliminating body waste.

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